Chudamani Basnet
Chudamani Basnet
Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology

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  • PhD in Sociology from University of Georgia , in 2010
  • M.A. from University of Georgia , in 2006

Recent Publications

  • Basnet, Chudamani. 2020. वि.सं. २०६२–२०६३ को जनआन्दोलनमा नागरिक आन्दोलन र नागरिक समाज. In Civil Society in Loktantra: A Review of the Past Twenty Five Years. Harshaman Maharjan, Devraj Humagain, Pratyoush Onta, Lokranjan Parajuli, and Devendra Upreti (eds.), pp. 79-100. Kathmandu: Martin Chautari 

  • Basnet, Chudamani, and A. S. Sandhya. 2020. Female Employers and Their Maids in New Delhi: ‘This Is Our Culture’. South Asia Research 40(2): 282-98.

  • Basnet, Chudamani. 2020. वि.सं. २०६२–२०६३ को जनआन्दो लनमा नागरिक आन्दोलन र नागरिक समाज. Samaj Adhyayan (15): 173-194. (Also published as a book chapter, above)

  • Basnet, Chudamani. 2019. Crossing the Caste and Ethnic Boundaries: Love and Intermarriage between Madhesi Men and Pahadi Women in Southern Nepal. South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal [SAMAJ]. 1-19

  • Basnet, Chudamani, and A.S. Sandhya. 2019. Nepali Domestic Workers in New Delhi: Strategies and Agency. Dhaulagiri journal of sociology and anthropology 13:49-57.

  • Basnet, Chudamani. 2019. The Federal Socialist Forum: An Incipient Middle Caste Politics in Nepal? Studies in Nepali History & Society 24(2): 355–80.

  • Basnet, Chudamani. 2018. “Ke Hindu dharma bahunbadko shrot ho? Dor Bahadur Bista ko fatalism and development pacchis barsh pachhi punaraddhyayan garda [Is Hinduism the source of Brahmanism? Rereading DB Bista’s Fatalism and Development after 25 years]”. Samaj Addhyaan (13):  121-140

  • Basnet, Chudamani. 2018. "Religion or Political Institutions? Revisiting D.B. Bista’s Fatalism and Development Thesis after 25 Years" Studies in Nepali History and Society 23(1): 33-58 ISSN: 1025-5109

  • Basnet, Chudamani. 2017. "Blurred Boundaries: Fact and Fiction in Sotala." Studies in Nepali History and Society 22(1): 157-178.

  • Basnet, Chudamani. 2016. "Ethnic Politics and Religion among Janajatis in an Eastern Tarai Town.” Studies Nepali History and Society 21(2): 283–304.

  • Basnet, Chudamani. 2015. "Inter-caste Relations and Intermarriage among Non-Dalit Hill Castes in Eastern Nepal." Contribution to Nepalese Studies 42(1):167-186

  • Rahut, Dil Bahadur, Akhter Ali, Menale Kassie, Paswel P. Marenya, and Chudamani Basnet. 2014. "Rural Livelihood Diversification Strategies in Nepal." Poverty & Public Policy 6:259-281

  • Basnet, Chudamani. 2012. “Civil society imagination in Nepal’s Second People’s Movement.” Pp. 136-151 in Alternative Voices of Anthropology. Edited by Ajit K. Danda and Rajat K. Das. New Delhi: Indian Anthropological Society

  • Basnet, Chudamani. 2012. Three Faces of Civil Society in Nepal. New Angle 2(1): 13-22

  • Basnet, Chudamani. 2010. Cultural Entrepreneurship and the Growth of the Rajneesh Movement in Nepal. Studies in Nepali History and Society ,15 (1): 3-25.

Research Interests

  • Political sociology
  • Cultural Sociology
  • Structured Inequality
  • Historical sociology

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