Nafees Ahmad
Nafees Ahmad
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Legal Studies (FLS)
R.No.224,II Floor,Akbar Bhawan
Faculty of Legal Studies,
South Asian University,
Satya Marg,Chanakyapuri,
New Delhi-110021
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Dr. Nafees Ahmad has completed a successful stint of more than fifteen years of teaching in higher education. Dr. Ahmad has been teaching since 1998. He teaches International Human Rights Law, International Refugee Law, Public International Law, International Humanitarian Law, International Institutional Law, International Minority Rights Law, Global Gender Law, International Constitutional Law, International Development Law, Sociology of Law and Law of Federal Constitutions. His research encompasses International Migrations and Refugee Policy, Asylum and Extradition. Dr. Ahmad writes on international migration trends and policies and the relationship of migration to socio-economic development. Dr. Ahmad made prolific pursuits in International Refugee Law and its challenges in South Asia, Legal Protection of Migrant Workers and Climate Change Refugees, International Terrorism, Transnational Organized Crimes and the Work of the International Law Commission. His recent scholarship has conceived, developed, introduced and focused on a new coursework i.e. Comparative Constitutional Law of SAARC Nationsin South Asian University and riveted upon a comparative analysis of constitutional transitions and design, civil-military relations, and religion-state conflicts in South Asia. His exclusivity is on human rights and its role in the International Lego-Political Order, including, in particular, issues such as self-determination, humanitarian intervention, and conflict resolution. His peripheral interests are in Constitutional Questions, Global Gender Politics, Social Issues, globalization, development and Lego-Ethical Jurisprudence. He is also inclined towards Public Interest Litigation (PIL) and Anglo-American Jurisprudence. Dr. Ahmad extensively publishes in magazines, politico-legal Journals of repute and in national op-ed pages and delivers special lectures and talks organized by GOs, NGOs and Civil Society Institutions on issues such as law, health, globalization, human rights, judicial reforms, social justice, inclusive growth etc. Dr. Nafees Ahmad has presented his Research Paper "HATE CRIMES: A GLOBAL RACIALISTIC & XENOPHOBIC ENTERPRISE in an International Conference held in the Harvard University at Boston, Massachusetts, USA. His other Research Papers Presentation has also been accepted in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, University of Roehampton-London-UK, Hiroshima-Japan, Taipei-Taiwan and Vienna-Austria International Conferences. In past years he has been to London, Boston and New York owing to academic and visiting professorial capacities etc. and also been offered to have been admitted to International Summer Schools in the University of Leiden at The Hague, Venice School of Law-Italy and Refugee Studies Centre-University of Oxford-UK.


  • PhD in Legal Studies from Aligarh Muslim University , in 2006
  • LL.M. (International Law & Human Rights) in Legal Studies from Aligarh Muslim University
  • LL.B. (H) B.A. [(H)-Anglo-American English Literature] from Aligarh Muslim University

Recent Publications

  • Hate Crimes: A Global Racialistic & Xenophobic Enterprise (A Socio-Lego-Genetical Understanding) International Journal of Arts and Sciences Vol 5, No. 6. USA, 2012. Nafees Ahmad (2012)
  • International Humanitarian Law & International Refugee Law: Contemporary Importance & Pedagogy - South Asia POLITICS. February, 2010.

  • Refugees: State Responsibility, the Country of Origin and Human Rights in the Year Book of Indian Society of International Law published by the ISIL, New Delhi, 2009.

  • The Study of Migration, Law and Human Rights, Journal of Quest For Justice, Dr Ambedkar Chair of Legal Studies & Research 2009.

  • Human Rights Education in India: An Agendum Henceforth, HALSBURY'S law monthly, Vol. 2, No. 2, February, 2008 p.29.

  • Right To Food: Towards An Existential AtrophySouth Asia POLITICS. July, 2008

  • The Brave New World of Cyberspace Copy right & Internet: An Interface, Indian Technology Law Journal, Vol. ll, Issue l, Jan-June 2007.

  • Panoramic Protection to ‘Right to Information’: Justicial Jurisprudence. Nafees Ahmad
  • REFUGEE-THE SEMASIOLOGY OF DEFINITIONAL DILEMMA, ISIL Year Book of International Humanitarian Law and Refugee Law-2011. Nafees Ahmad
  • Refugees in South Asia: Law Praxis and Policy Paralysis, Lex-Warrier, An Online Law Journal, July 22, 2013, ISSN 2319 8338. Nafees Ahmad
  • Right To Asylum Under International Human Rights Law And Edward Snowden Case,, An Online Blog, 15 July, 2013 Nafees Ahmad
  • Syria and US Foreign Policy: The Constitutionalism of International Law in the Hermeneutics,, An Online Blog on International Affairs, August 28, 2013 Nafees Ahmad
  • “Hate, Human Rights and Law in Europe, North America and South Asia: Understanding Their Paradigms in Geo-Political Settings”, Law and Religion Review, A Journal of Institute of Objective Studies-A NGO in Consultative Status with ECOSOC, UNO, New York, ND. Nafees Ahmad

Research Interests

  • International Migrations and Refugee Policy, Asylum and Extradition
  • Climate Refugees and Environmental Sovereignty in Human Rights Law
  • Climate Persecution and Human Rights
  • Governance Constitutionalism in South Asia and Human Rights
  • Minority Rights, Multi-Culturalism and South Asia
  • Self-Determination Movements, Law and Human Rights
  • Feminism and Women's Human Rights
  • Judicial Institutionalism & Human Rights in South Asia

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