Stellina Jolly
Stellina Jolly
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Legal Studies (FLS)

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  • PhD in Legal Studies from Panjab University , in 2009
  • L.L.M. in Legal Studies from Delhi University , in 2001
  • B.A. L.L.B in Legal Studies from Calicut University , in 1999

Awards & Honours

  • External Reviewer, for major research project on Judicial Reforms in India entitled “Performance Indicators for Subordinate courts and suggestive policy/procedural changes for reducing civil case pendency“ sanctioned by the Ministry of Law, Government of India.
  • Received Education Grant from International Centre for Not For Profit Law (ICNL) and US Aid under its Global Civil Society Legal Enabling Environment (LEEP 11)
  • Research Grant on “Regulatory Reforms” supported by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, Delhi
  • Research Grant “Developing Indicators for Rule of Law for states in India” supported by the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, Delhi.
  • Research Grant: European Commission (EC) for the Global Price Project Assignment “Clean Energy Cooperation Project with India (CECI): Technical Assistance for the Implementation and Management of Identified Solar Parks, August 2017
  • Research Project from ICSSR: Awarded the ICSSR Minor Research Project on “The Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Management in Delhi: A Socio-Legal Study of Okhla Landfill”

Recent Publications

  • ‘A Legal Analysis of Linking Human Right Approach to Access to Water and Sharing of Trans Boundary Rivers in South Asia’in Shifting Horizons of Public International law in South Asia, J.L.Kaul and Anupam Jha (eds) (Springer), p 135-158,2018

  • ‘Cross Border Surrogacy: An Indian State Practice, in Private International Law: South Asian State Practice’, in Dr S. G Ramani and S. Jolly(eds) (Springer)  p 175-197, 2017

  • ‘Inter-Country Child Abduction: An Explorative Analysis of Legal Standards and Judicial Construal’s of India’, International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family (2017) 31 (1): 20-40,Oxford University Press.

  • ‘Interrogating the pedagogy of State responsibility and Individual Rights in Disaster law’, in The Emerging Threshold of Disaster Law in Asia, Amita Singh(ed) Routledge,2017

  • Private International Law and South Asian States Practice, Sai Ramani and Stellina Jolly (eds) (Springer 2017)

  • ‘Climate Refugees under International Climate Law and International Refugee Law: Towards Addressing the Protection Gaps and Exploring the Legal Alternatives for Climate Justice, ISIL Year Book of Humanitarian and Refugee Law, p 216-248, 2014-2015

Research Interests

  • International Environmental Law
  • Private International Law

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