Mallika Shakya
Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology

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Room No.: SAU 220
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I am an economic anthropologist working on socio-economic embeddedness, labour movements and trader communities. I examined the rise and fall of readymade garment industry in Nepal since 2001. My current research examines the nature of overlap between business and social organisation among the Nepali Marwaris who once dominated the garment industry and have now readjusted elsewhere within and outside South Asia. My recent research and teaching focus on the concepts of regionalism, diaspora and border towns. Before joining academia, I worked for over a decade in the World Bank and UNICEF, and was posted in Asia, Africa and the United States.


  • PhD in anthropology of development from London School of Economics and Political Science , in 2008
  • M.A from University of Glasgow , in 1998

Recent Publications

  • (Forthcoming 2013)." Marwari Traders Animating the Industrial Clusters of India-Nepal Border," In K.Hart and J.Sharp (eds.) The Human Economic Prospectives From the Global South. Berghann Books:Human Economic Series. (Finalized)
  • 2012 "Nepali Economic History through the Ethnic Lens: Changing State Relationships with Entrepreneurial Elites." M. Lawoti and S. Hangen (eds.) The Changing Face of Ethnic Movements in Nepal. Routledge London: Politics and International Relations Series.

  • Apparel exports in Lesotho:The state’s role in building critical mass for competitiveness. Shakya, M. (2011)
  • 2011 "Bridging the Design Gap: The Case of Nepali Clothing Industry." In Journal of Modern Craft,Vol.4,issue 3,pp.294-395, BERG:London.

  • Integration of developing countries in the global Supply chain: A global buyers’ and producers’ perspective. Berenbaim, R. and M. Shakya (2011)
  • 2011 "The World Bank & Private Sector Development: Is 'Doing Business' an extension of the structural adjustment Programme or a Departure ?" In St Antony's International Review: Special Edition on international Financial Institutions in an Age of Crisis, vol.7, no.1, pp.30-47, St Antony's: Oxford.(along with contribution from Paul Martin, recent former Prime Minister of Canada)
  • Trilateral agreements for Nepali trade. Shakya, M. (2011)
  • 2010 "In Search of Pragmatism within Politics: Capitalism, Culture and the Rising Wave of Communism in Nepal' in M. Lawoti (ed). Ethnicity, Inequality and Politics in Nepal. Social Science Press: Kathmandu.

  • Competitiveness assessment of tourism in Sierra Leone a cluster-based approach. Shakya, M. (2009)
  • 2007 Our hymns are different but our gods are the same: Religious rituals in modern garment factories in Nepal. Shakya, M. (2007)
  • Nepalisation of an Indian industry: Shop floor ethnography of a fast evolving (and dismantling) readymade garment industry. Shakya, M. (2004)
  • Nepalisation of an Indian industry: Shop floor ethnography of a fast evolving (and dismantling) readymade garment industry. Shakya, M. (2004)
  • Economic liberalisation and the situation of children and women. Shakya, M; Parker, D. and E. Jespersen (2001)
  • Economic dimensions of the conventions on the rights of the child. Himes, J.; Parker, D. and M. Shakya (2000)

Research Interests

  • Anthropology of work - labour, trader groups and industrial clusters
  • ethnicity and social movements
  • Borderlands
  • Regionalism and the Global South
  • Nepal, India, South Africa

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