Anuj Bhuwania
Anuj Bhuwania
Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology

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  • PhD from Columbia University , in 2007
  • LLM,School of Oriental and African Studies from University of London
  • BA, LLB (Hons), National Law School of India University, Bangalore

Recent Publications

  • Courting the People: Public Interest Litigation in Post-Emergency India. Cambridge University Press, 2016

  • " Public Interest Litigation as a Slum Demolition Machine." Projections: MIT Journal of Planning 12 (2016): 67-97.

  • "Courting the People:The Rise of Public Interest Litigation in Post-Emergency India." Comparative Studies of South
    Asia, Africa and the Middle East 34.2(2014): 314-335.
  • “Black Friday: Mediation and the Impossibility of Justice,” Centre for the Study of Law and Governance Working Paper Series, JawaharlalNehru University, New Delhi, 2012. CSLG/WP/17.

  • “‘Very Wicked Children’: ‘Indian torture’ and the Madras Torture Commission Report of 1855”, Sur: International Journal on Human Rights, June 2009, Issue 10, pp. 7-26
  • “The ‘law’ of the police,” The Sarai Reader: Frontiers, 2007, pp.134-143.

Research Interests

  • Legal Anthropology
  • Anthropology of Media
  • Public law
  • Post-colonial Indian Politics
  • Anthropology of Human Rights
  • Criminal Justice and Policing

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