Irfanullah Farooqi
Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology
South Asian University,Akbar Bhawan,Chankyapuri,New Delhi - 110021, India
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Irfanullah Farooqi is currently working as an Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology. Prior to joining SAU, he worked at Department of Sociology, Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Millia Islamia. As a result of his M Phil on Faiz Ahmad Faiz and PhD on Muhammad Iqbal (both from Centre for the Study of Social Systems, Jawaharlal Nehru University), he has developed keen interest in the meeting point of sociology, literature, and history. Currently he finds himself inclined towards Islam and Muslims in South Asia, Urdu Studies, South Asian Social Thought, Sociology of Literature, and Sociology of Education. As of now he is interested in university-nation interface, academic freedom, secular-religious exchange, media-culture dynamics, and questions related to identity. 


  • Ph.D Sociology in Universalism to Muslim Nationalism: A Sociological Inquiry into the Evolution of Muhammad Iqbal’s Thought, Centre for the Study of Social Systems from Jawaharlal Nehru University , in 2014
  • M. Phil in Sociology in An Interpretative Study of Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s Poetry, Centre for the Study of Social Systems from Jawaharlal Nehru University , in 2009

Recent Publications

  • 2018, “Progressive Writers’ Association: A Case For South Asian Literary Imagination” in Another South Asia: Questions, Rhetoric and Quest (ed.) Dev Pathak, Primus Books, New Delhi, pp. 143-162 (ISBN: 978-93-86552-58-7).

  • 2018, “Re-envisioning Academic Freedom: Reflections of an Early Career Professional” in The Idea of a University (ed.) Apoorvanand, Westland Publications, Chennai, pp. 242-252 (ISBN: 978-9387894259).

  • 2017, “From a Symbol of Culture to a Marker of Identity: The Trajectory of Urdu in Colonial India” in Linguistic Foundation of Identity: Readings in Language, Literature and Contemporary Cultures, (eds.) Rajesh Kumar, & Om Prakash, Aakar Books, New Delhi, pp. 1-15 (ISBN: 978-93-5002-000-0).

  • 2017, “Sir Syed, Urdu, and Tehzeebul Akhlaq” in Café Dissensus special issue on Urdu in Contemporary India: Predicaments and Promises, 33, available at (ISSN 2373 177X)

  • 2017, “Revisiting Islaah and Tehzeeb” in Café Dissensus special issue on Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s Bicentenary, 40, available at (ISSN 2373 177X).

  • 2017, “Speak but Don’t Write: Understanding Linguistic Exclusion in a Metropolitan City” in Journal of Exclusion Studies (special issue on Language and Exclusion), 7 (1): 127-138.

  • 2017, Book Review, The Deoband Madrassah Movement: Countercultural Trends and Tendencies by Muhammad Moj, ANTHROPOS 112 (2017), 341-42.

  • 2017, “The Expansion of Literary and Poetic: Reflections on 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature” in India International Centre Quarterly (Autumn Issue), 44 (2): 23-34.

  • 2016, “Communalism: Understanding the Problem in Relation to Nationalism, Democracy and Social Media” in Social Problems in Contemporary India: Social Work Perspective (ed.) Naseem Ahmad Khan, Paragon International Publishers, New Delhi, pp. 181-191 (ISBN: 978-93-83154-50-0)

  • 2016, Muhammad Iqbal on the idea of nationalism (special essay), The New Leam (July 2016) Vol. 2, No. 13, pp. 18-22, ISSN 2455-4936.

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