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PhD Economics - 2019
List of Candidates Selected and Waitlisted for Admission
Country: India
Rank Registration ID Name Country Status
1 18127217 Samyak Jain India Selected
2 18120263 Ritwika Patgiri India Selected
3 18123867 Konica Sehgal India Selected
4 18134068 Sonali Goel India Waitlisted
5 18133624 Nikkita Gupta India Waitlisted
Country: SAARC Countries other than India
Rank Registration ID Name Country Status
1 18122631 Bidhan Aryal Nepal Selected
2 18129537 Sayed Ajan Afghanistan Selected
3 18129487 Zahidullah Muhammadi Afghanistan Selected
All selected candidates are advised to confirm their acceptance immediately and pay the fee of US $ 200 or Indian Rs 14,000 by 13 June 2019. Candidates are advised to check their emails and follow the instructions provided in the Admission Offer Letter.
Candidates not included in above list have not been selected or waitlisted.