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NOTIFICATION: Online classes ONLY for students with Visa issues


Ref.: SAU/31-3 /2014

10th August 2022


The University has decided to give online classes for this Monsoon semester to students of Masters programme and to Ph.D students to ONLY those who are having visa issues from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Accordingly, they are allowed to register online till 20th August 2022 without any late fee.


Students can fill the applicable registration form — Continuing Students Form  or New Students Form — along with the Course Card that is uploaded here  and pay their fees online.


After filling the required information in the Registration Form and on having paid the fees online, the Registration Form with the fee receipt and Course card should be submitted to the Examination Office at the following email id:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with a copy to the respective Faculty Assistant.


  • Those students who are repeating the 5th semester are also required to fill up the Registration form, pay the full fees and submit the same on the email provided.

  • Students who are registering online are required to attach the Visa application/ Visa rejection letters along with the Registration form and Course card.


This is issued with approval of the competent authority.

Deputy Registrar


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