Department of International Relations

Why Study at DIR

The student community reflects the dual vision of SAU’s status as an international university committed to the larger goal of cultivating a regional consciousness. The university provides a welcoming and supportive environment for this diverse, multicultural community. The diversity of its student community also helps draw in myriad perspectives on issues, making classrooms a lively site of discussions and mutual learning. As a student at SAU, you will be part of a wider intellectual community through the several collaborative activities and networks that the university is putting in place. Its central location also gives them easy access to several advanced educational institutions, research institutes and libraries in and around the area. The university’s location is also a distinctive asset. Being situated in the city’s diplomatic enclave gives its students the added advantage of being part of a lively hub of international cultural and intellectual events. Students will also be drawn to the city’s stimulating cosmopolitan ambience and vibrant arts community in addition to the many attractions that a capital city has to offer.


Prospective MA Students
Prospective MPhil/PhD Students
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