International conference On Mathematical Modelling and Computations (ICMMC-2018) (Under the Aegis of IAMMS, IIT Kanpur)

South Asian University New Delhi, India
1 - 3rd December, 2018

South Asian University

Mathematical modelling is a very robust tool to study the challenging day to day real life problems. This conference intends to bring together researchers from across the globe working in areas of mathematics and to share reflections on contemporary and emerging research on mathematical modelling, numerical methods for ODEs, PDEs & their applications in different fields of biology and life sciences such as Epidemiology, Ecosystem dynamics, Ecotoxicology, Oncology, Cellular heterogeneity and dynamics, Food webs models of interacting species, Fluid flow in biology etc.

IAMMS MEMBERS Headquarter, IIT Kanpur

Prof. J B Shukla
President IAMMS & Chair
Prof. M K Kadalbajoo
Vice President IAMMS
Prof. Prawal Sinha
Vice President IAMMS
Prof. B V R Kumar
General Secretary IAMMS


  • Selected papers in extended form will be published as an edited book in Springer. Few papers will also be published in a special issue of the journal Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems (Springer) and Numerical Algebra, Control and Optimization (AIMS).
  • Mini-Symposium : There will be three special mini-symposiums on Biomathematics, Graph Theoretical Modelling and Soft Computing.